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The new lighting fixture design - MAKE YOU "ROCK" series

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Here comes the new lighting fixture design - MAKE YOU "ROCK" series.

This is a fully new design mockup of our new brand masodeco. There are 10 items of different rock shape lamp shade, painted with several colors. Over the next few days, we will update the price list and catalog. Welcome to follow us and enjoy the video show.

We are the original design team for the MAKE YOU “ROCK” collection. We make videos from the photographed works, and present the most refined product pictures through different visual effects. Try to combine the video with different background music to make the whole video perfect. Hope you will like it.

Why this new series is call" MAKE YOU ROCK", the design concept?

The MAKE YOU ROCK series is a new series developed based on the wabi-sabi style, which includes not only the wabi-sabi style (loneliness and desolation in gray tones).

But the main emphasis is on the style opposite to the wabi-sabi style. We endow the products with colors, make them full of vitality, and restore the best true colors of nature. Looking at these colorful stones filled with stars, your heart will be filled with yearning for a better life.

We'll be sharing these images in the coming days.

Welcome to follow us.

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