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Maso Light is located in the lighting Capital- Guzhen town, Zhongshan city of China. As a professional home decoration lighting supplier, we focus on pendant lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

Using wood, metal, glass, resin and bamboo as raw materials, we provide lamps in modern, simple, vintage, natural and other styles to meet various interior decoration needs.

All our products have passed ROHS certification. All lighting electrical parts are under CE, UL, SAA, VDE approval. 

Maso lighting team is committed to providing customers with latest and popular lighting designs, and is aiming to bringing art to life.


  • Joseph Ding created the Maso Light brand and started business with resin lamps

  • Maso Light Facebook company page was created

  • Domain was built


In 2015, Maso Light had a showroom in Guzhen Town.

Cooperating with local resin processing factories, Maso Light was in charge of assembly and sale.
Attributes: Partnership and Manufacturing.

2015 Maso lighting showroom
2015 Maso lighting showroom2
2015 Maso lighting resin lamp raw material
2015 Maso lighting resin lamp fittings
2015 Maso lighting resin lamp packing
2015 Maso lighting container loaded


  • Zhongshan Maso Lighting Factory registered business license

  • Added iron lamps & aluminum lamps series

Attribute: Factory​

Factory business license

Factory business license

Factory business license

2016 iron lamps

2016 iron lamps

Maso Light expanded iron lamps series business

2016 aluminum lamps

2016 aluminum lamps

Maso Light expanded aluminum lamps series business



  • Zhongshan Maso Lighting Co., Ltd founded in 2019, located in the city center, Zhongshan

  • Maso Lighting expanded sales team

  • Added​ glass lamp series and fiber reinforced plastic series

  • 2021, Trademark MASODECO® registered

  • 2022, All products passed RoHs

Attribute: Factory​; Import and Export Company​

2023 Now...

Maso Lighting Factory added two woodcarving machines to process wooden accessories by ourselves, saving more costs and making our product prices more competitive.

Maso lighting moving carving machine.jpg
Maso lighting moving carving machine2.jpg

We are passionate in the field of home decoration lighting and will keep learning and providing the best services for all.

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